• By Lisa Hemming
  • Dec 15, 2018

Mitchell Brandtman’s 2018 Developers Education Program

Sometimes the role of the Financiers' QS is not fully understood and often there can be uncertainty around the requests for information and documentation the QS needs to provide the Financier to secure funding. In running the workshops, our aim is to share our knowledge with the outcome being a more streamlined process between the Developer and their Financiers' QS.

The half day sessions will cover off on topics such as:

Our role as the Financiers' QS and why we ask for information in regard to:

      - DA

      - BA

      - Contracts (GMP, Cost Plus, D&C etc) and Insurances

      - Drawings

      - Budgets/Contingency etc

Other topics covered will include:

      - Estimating/ cost $m²

      - Elemental benchmarking

      - Different Types of variations – base building, developer initiated, purchaser variations

      - Assessments v Certificates

      - Bank Guarantees/Ins Bonds/Cash

      - BCIPA

      - How to look for early warning signs of a distressed project

      - Cert of Classification/Cert of practical completion

All Developers, Development Managers, Contract Administrators etc. across all levels would benefit.



       26th June 2018

       24th July 2018

       22nd August 2018

       18th September 2018

Please note that these sessions book out quickly!

If you have any questions in regard to the Developers Education Program please email Lisa Hemming at lhemming@mitbrand.com or call direct at 07 3327 5021.

We look forward to sharing  our knowledge with you and your team.

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