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  • Sep 30, 2022

Urbanity 2017 is here!

The future of construction is upon us. Prefabrication technology is as good as common. Robots are being used to undertake repetitive tasks. Parametric design technology is refining building form. Artificial intelligence and machine learning are optimising building materials and products.

Now, imagine an industry that is more certain, a project that is more certain, an outcome that is more certain. Technology has touched nearly every aspect of our lives, enabling us to do our daily tasks smarter and faster.

So what does all this mean for the way we procure and build? It is time to fully embrace this within our industry today, to unlock a new dimension of certainty to drive a more sustained tomorrow.

Enter, Urbanity 2017.

Mitchell Brandtman had the honour and pleasure of being Creator Partners for this year’s Urbanity National Conference. We embrace any opportunity to have a discussion on technology, future cities and disrupting the status quo for the better.

Urbanity launched its first National Conference this September in Brisbane.  Through a mix of keynote presentations, interactive workshops and social activations, Urbanity explores the intersection of industry and community through people, places and projects. Urbanity connects, informs and inspires the property and urban development industry through an engaging event experience never before seen in the Asia-Pacific.

Multiple Mitchell Brandtman team members had the enjoyment of attending Urbanity 2017. Matt Hemming, Partner and Caitlin Shields, Associate were both able to take part in discussions which touched on the future of the construction and property industry. Caitlin sat on a panel which discussed ‘Techtonic  Shifts in Construction’ while Matt delivered a presentation titled ‘The Model Project’ which discussed how leveraging current 3D design technology and Building Information Modeling (BIM) is breaking the traditional barriers of managing project cost and time through design and construction

The Mitchell Brandtman Team can’t wait to see what Urbanity 2018 has in store!

Check out Urbanity's website here.

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