Professional services is about people. We have built our success on building trusted relationships with clients and consultants. We understand the unique relationships that exist and we respect the boundaries. Mitchell Brandtman is your essential project partner.

5D for Consultants

5D for Consultants

Mitchell Brandtman is a world leading BIM and 5D Quantity Surveying firm. We can work using either a traditional quantity surveying methodology or utilising models with 5D technology. Our 5D Quantity Surveyors are all trained in the use of design software, enabling us to work collaboratively with designers to produce files that are compatible with our technologies.

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  • Our Experience

  • We specialise in the Development industry and operate across all of the major sectors, including but not limited to:

    • Residential

    • Aged Care and Retirement

    • Commercial

    • Retail

    • Hotels/ Clubs

    • Subdivisions
    • Industrial

    • Education

    We work with our clients and consultant teams to tailor a service to meet their needs. Whether that is full service or a reduced brief designed to add the most value at the right time.

  • How we work

  • Trust, reliability and bringing the right experience to the table at the right time are the hallmarks of a successful project.

    Our investment in modeling technology skills means we deliver 5D Cost Planning services that provide realistic and precise cost estimates. We do this at any stage even from preliminary designs when plans evolve and cost overruns are prevented.

  • Thought Leadership

  • For over 50 years Mitchell Brandtman has focused our attention on niche areas where we see we can add value. We are not all things to all people.

    We encourage thought leadership within our organisation and are the champion of ideas within the industry. We  invest in the future of our people and are never afraid to embrace change.

Our Consultant Team

  • Andrew Opperman  

    Andrew Opperman

    Partner & Financiers' Quantity Surveyor
  • Caitlin Shields  

    Caitlin Shields

    Partner & 5D Quantity Surveyor
  • Matt Hemming  

    Matt Hemming

    Partner & 5D Quantity Surveyor

Our Projects

  • Gerrale Street Kitchen  

    Gerrale Street Kitchen

  • St Brigid's Green Maroubra  

    St Brigid's Green Maroubra

  • Sikorsky Helicopter Facilities  

    Sikorsky Helicopter Facilities

  • Bohemia Apartments Westend  

    Bohemia Apartments Westend

  • Toowoomba Grammar School Gymnasium  

    Toowoomba Grammar School Gymnasium

  • Quintessential Equity ACT  

    Quintessential Equity ACT


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