Mitchell Brandtman’s role in the BIM conversation is current.

Mitchell Brandtman’s role in the BIM conversation is current.

Our team’s knowledge and investment in technologies to support integrated project delivery and cost certainty were firmly established in the late 90s and have been at the forefront of innovations in cost planning within the virtual context for over a decade.

BIM Implementation

BIM Implementation

When the desired project outcome is positioned on each of these scales the project team is more focused and achieves a high level of clarity about the important information to be included in the BIM.

We have learnt that the best approach is to serve the right information, to the right people at the right time. When this isn’t done the information can just become clutter. This is the issue at the core of the future development of BIM ie. one single integrated model versus a “federated model” comprising a collection of models. The three scales of process, behaviour and technology need to mature to better push and pull information effectively.



This implementation strategy supports our 5D QS approach to pull information from the model and push back accurate cost data at the right time for the design team to receive it.

  • Wisdom

    45+ years of providing Cost Planning advice and a two decade commitment to training and teaching CAD, modeling, database and knowledge sharing technology skills.

  • Intelligence

    Continual collection and analysis of construction demand research, labour and material price, as built elemental building and civil cost analysis and functional performance measurement.

  • Technology

    Commitment to 3D modeling technology to accurately calculate quantities and create dynamic links between Revit and IFC model information, rate libraries and estimate templates. Estimates can be calculated and recalculated easily and quickly after every model revision.

  • 4D Programming

  • Time is critical in achieving a successful project and the construction programme should be considered as part of the initial concept design. We can provide both high level and detailed construction programmes to ensure that your project gets off to the best possible start. Using the latest technology our team builds on standard 3D models to add both the time, 4D and cost, 5D.

    Three critical issues in project feasibility and delivery are time, cost, and quality. These three are interrelated and the old adage of ‘time is money’ is never more apt than in a construction project. A properly constructed and managed construction programme can make a difference at both tender and project delivery stages and can be the critical difference in delivering a project on time and on budget.

    Though both in-house team members and guidance and support from some of the most respected experts in the industry, Mitchell Brandtman provide project programming and scheduling services.