Drones are incredibly powerful for allowing us to understand earthworks due to being agile in terms of how they can collect data.

The outcome is that they create great accuracy around what the progress of the work is

We used drones on site to take several hundreds of pictures and then stitch them together to create a 3D model of that site.

What once was a difficult task has now been reduced to a fast and accurate workflow where we get a record of precisely what quantity is there.

We take measurement of the of volumes like the stockpiles from the 3D models.

It’s fast - taking less than 30 minutes, and accurate - down to a couple cubic centimeters.

Applying new technology is the future of construction

But the technology alone isn’t enough - you need to apply wisdom and know how to get real results. And that’s what we do best. We use our wisdom of a 40+ year old firm combined with a culture of innovation to embrace new technology. The result being that we can achieve outcomes that others cannot.


To learn more about the process and outcomes we have achieved by engaging drones, please contact our Technology Hub Team direct

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