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A great place to work

The 'flat' team structure and open style office ensures a collaborative environment which sees cadets and junior team members sit and work alongside our Partners and senior staff every day. Internal growth creates ongoing opportunities for both those already in the team, and those wishing to join – at any level.

Mitchell Brandtman is an innovative, vibrant and dynamic company that prides itself on individuality and 'out of the box' thinking. In a word, our business is all about PEOPLE. Whether those people are our team, their families, our clients, our industry partners, or other stakeholders, we care about them as individuals and want to help in their personal and career growth.

Over the last 45 years we have developed a unique approach to career development that often starts straight out of Grade 12. Our Cadetship program is a proven success with MB Graduates rapidly progressing in their careers – all of our QS Directors started out as cadets with us. We recognise that learning doesn’t begin or end at University, we have an ongoing personal development program that continues where University leaves off and also develop ‘soft’ skills such as Leadership, Negotiation and Conflict Resolution that are critical to personal development in our industry.