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For over three decades, Mitchell Brandtman has had a team dedicated to providing construction risk advice to senior and mezzanine financiers. We understand the complex interrelationships between the financier, the developer, and the contractor and their unique risk positions.


Why does a Financier need a QS?

We ensure that the financier understands the construction risks inherent in their projects and are kept constantly up-to-date on the status of key milestones and events which may impact on a project.

Banks rely on our expertise and advice



MBOnline allows Financiers, Developers and other related parties to access real time information on the status of their project at any point pre and during construction. It features secure online document storage and collaboration between authorised team members.

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5D: Minimising Risk for Financiers

5D: Minimising Risk for Financiers

Certainty in what has been built creates certainty in the cost to complete of the project

Learn more about 5D here.

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Other Financier Services

  • Construction
  • Post Construction
  • Construction Programming

    A properly constructed and managed construction programme can make a difference at both tender and project delivery stages and can be the critical difference in delivering a project on time and on budget.

    Through both in-house team members and guidance and support from some of the most respected experts in the industry, Mitchell Brandtman provides project programming and scheduling services.

  • Superintendent Services

    A superintendent is a role defined under the contract. While the duties may vary from contract to contract, in general the superintendent:

    • Is appointed by the Principal
    • Acts honestly, fairly and reasonably when
    • Giving instructions,
    • Issuing certificates, and
    • Making determinations
  • Procurement & Contract Advice

    Our preferred approach is one of collaboration, where we work with the developer and the financier to create a method of procurement that suits the project and the participants. There are over a dozen contracts that we see in regular use and each contract can be varied in different ways. These contracts include Australian Standard, MBA, HIA and QBSA contracts. Each contract has been developed for specific purposes and with conditions favourable to different parties.

  • Payment Certificates

    While this may be seen as a ‘Developers Risk’ and outside of the scope of the financier, a poorly managed BCIPA claim can lead to serious cash flow issues for both developers and contractors and put the project a risk.

    For a small additional cost to regular monthly Progress Claims, Mitchell Brandtman can provide a proactive response to payment claims issued under the Act.

    For situations that have already evolved, Mitchell Brandtman’s dedicated Construction Expert Opinion team provides clients with reliable, efficient and accurate solutions to claim preparation and response.

  • Tax Depreciation Schedules

    Depreciation is often an overlooked factor in a development. This is despite the fact that it can be a lucrative bonus for developers who are caught with unsold stock, and that the provision of a Depreciation Schedule can be a key marketing tool when targeting investors. Mitchell Brandtman is a registered Tax Agent and can assist your clients in many ways, including the provision of Tax Depreciation Schedules and advice.

  • Due Diligence Reports

    When your client is looking at purchasing an established property for either occupation, investment, or development it is critical that they understand what they are buying, what the purchase will commit them to in future in the way of repairs, maintenance, capital improvement, lease imposed improvement and statutory upkeep.

    Mitchell Brandtman can assist by preparing a Due Diligence Report for your client that will outline the cost of replacement or repair of existing defective items on site and to provide comment in regard to the overall condition of the building as a result of wear and tear.

  • Defects Reports

    Mitchell Brandtman has the in-house qualifications and expertise to both inspect, cost and report on defects and quality issues.

    While we can provide single purpose reports, our preferred method is to provide an ongoing service where we are appointed to assist all parties in identifying and recording defects and quality issues throughout the project. We do this by regular assessments and creating a ‘living defects register’ that records issues and their actions throughout the construction process.

    Defects largely fall into 3 areas:

    • Faulty Design including foundation movement
    • Faulty workmanship
    • Faulty materials 

Our Financier Leadership Team

  • Darryl Bird  

    Darryl Bird

    Partner & Financiers' Quantity Surveyor
  • Shane Brandtman  

    Shane Brandtman

    Partner & Financiers' Quantity Surveyor
  • Maoibh Russell  

    Maoibh Russell

    Partner & Financiers' Quantity Surveyor
  • Andrew Opperman  

    Andrew Opperman

    Partner & Financiers' Quantity Surveyor
  • Alan Tan  

    Alan Tan

    Partner & 5D Quantity Surveyor
  • Jody Nash  

    Jody Nash

    Associate Director
  • Jeffrey Pun  

    Jeffrey Pun

    Associate - Financier Services
  • Tass Assarapin  

    Tass Assarapin

    Partner & 5D Quantity Surveyor

Some of Our Projects Include...

  • The Avenue Canberra  

    The Avenue Canberra

  • Flour Mill Summer Hill  

    Flour Mill Summer Hill

  • Town Square Redbank Plains  

    Town Square Redbank Plains

  • Red Bull Headquarters  

    Red Bull Headquarters

  • Oak Tree Group  

    Oak Tree Group

  • Regis Aged Care Facility, Chelmer  

    Regis Aged Care Facility, Chelmer

  • Click here for further information 

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    Hof Noosavile by Stockwell  

    Hof Noosavile by Stockwell

  • Riverway Plaza, Townsville  

    Riverway Plaza, Townsville

  • One Five Six Oxlade Drive by AZURE  

    One Five Six Oxlade Drive by AZURE

  • Weststate Private Hospital, Townsville  

    Weststate Private Hospital, Townsville

  • Mirada by Horan Group  

    Mirada by Horan Group

  • Lasail by Traders In Purple  

    Lasail by Traders In Purple

  • Croft and Cremorne by Stockwell  

    Croft and Cremorne by Stockwell

  • Silk One by Sarazin Property  

    Silk One by Sarazin Property


Construction Cost Update March 2019  

Mar 14, 2019

Construction Cost Update March 2019

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Construction Cost Update February 2018  

Feb 27, 2018

Construction Cost Update February 2018

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