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  • Mitchell Brandtman will unlock the tax refund potential in your investment property

  • A property that produces income will decrease in value over time as buildings and assets on that property wear out, a process called depreciation. As a property owner you are entitled by the ATO to claim the expense of depreciation over the years as a tax deduction.

  • Tax depreciation enhances the value of your investment by putting more money in your pocket when you receive your tax return. On average for a new property, you can expect to reduce your tax assessable income by up to $15,000 in the first full financial year.

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Other Asset Services:

Other Tax Depreciation Services
  • Other Tax Depreciation Services
  • Bodies Corporate
  • Retirement Villages
  • Commercial Tax Depreciation

    Our expertise in tax depreciation is not limited to residential properties. We have extensive experience in retail, office, industrial, hotels and health developments. No matter how small or large, contact us today to arrange your tax depreciation schedule.

  • Pre-Demolition Scrapping Reports

    In instances where an income-producing building is completely or partially demolished in order to renovate or redevelop, you are entitled to claim 100% of the remaining depreciation for the building (or part of) that has been demolished in one up-front deduction. We can help you maximise your depreciation entitlements and help defray the cost of renovation or rebuilding.

  • Sinking Fund Forecast

    A Sinking Fund Forecast Analysis provides Bodies Corporate with data outlining the cost of items that need replacement or major maintenance over a 10-year period.  This analysis ensures that your assets are protected and future liabilities are adequately accounted for.

  • Insurance Replacement Cost Estimates

    Property Owners and Bodies Corporates will gain major benefits from our Replacement Cost / Fire Insurance services:

    1. Assurances that they have appropriate quantum of insurance cover to protect all of their investments. We consider all possible costs – demolition of the damaged property, professional fees associated with re-design, re-construction and cost escalation throughout the redevelopment term.

    2. Assurance that they are not paying too much in premiums relative to the amount of coverage required.

    3. Where required a detailed schedule of items will provide the means for expeditious payment of claims made against the policy.
  • Under the Queensland Retirement Villages Act [RVA] and similar Regulations in other States a scheme operator is required to set up two (2) compulsory funds being the capital replacement fund [CRF] and maintenance reserve fund [MRF].

    Similar to a sinking fund analysis the purpose of these reports is specifically to provide a Retirement Village [Independent Living Unit or Serviced Units] with a capital replacement fund and maintenance reserve fund to cover the costs of upgrade, maintenance and repair of capital cost items.

    A capital replacement fund is funded only by the scheme operator and is to cover the costs associated with the replacement of the village’s capital items.

    A maintenance reserve fund is funded by the resident’s and is solely for the payment of maintenance and repairs of the village’s capital items.

  • As Quantity Surveyors we have been nominated within the RVA to provide such reports for the current financial year and to reserve an appropriate amount necessary to be accumulated to meet expenditure over the next nine [9] years.

    There are numerous benefits in employing Mitchell Brandtman to provide these reports, including:

    1. Strengthens the village’s financial position

    2. Increases the market value of the units

    3. Work is carried out at the right time and is affordable

    4. Adequate funds are available when needed

Our Property Investor Team

  • Tass Assarapin  

    Tass Assarapin

    Partner & 5D Quantity Surveyor
  • Derek Linton  

    Derek Linton

    National Manager Tax and Asset Management
  • Maoibh Russell  

    Maoibh Russell

    Partner & Financiers' Quantity Surveyor


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