5 Reasons Why a Builder Shouldn’t Set Your Budgets

All too often we hear of development budgets being set, following a quick conversation with a friendly builder. And why wouldn’t you? 

Every builder I speak to is always nice and willing to offer their opinions on costs and build rates, and some will even provide a proper estimate – if it means getting a foot in the door. So why not tap into this seemingly free service? Well as a passionate cost advocate and Quantity Surveyor, with a deep respect for Contractors and the fine art of building, here’s 5 of my top reasons why a builder shouldn’t set your budgets: 

1. Builders are not Quantity Surveyors. Builders are masters in the art of managing construction. Quantity Surveyors are cost masters. We literally think about, and work with building costs all day, every day. 

2. Builders intimately know the projects they build. Quantity Surveyors are involved in hundreds or thousands of projects and have access to structured cost information and benchmarking data across an entire market. 

3. All builders are different and provide advice relative to their specific situation. Quantity Surveyors only provide independent, unbiased advice without a commercial interest. 

4. Builders have great estimating teams that are designed to nail a tender opportunity. Quantity Surveyors undertake estimates as one part of a holistic cost management role. 

5. Builders want to focus on what they are good at, not solve someone’s development budget equation. Quantity Surveyors eat budget equations for breakfast.