Simple Guides on BIM

There are numerous international guides that offer interesting reading and are thought provoking in their simplicity. I recently came across The Norwegian Home Builders BIM Manual which provides a very clear ‘modeling 101’ and is a practical aid for those who perform the project planning for residential dwellings.

Through the buildingSMART Project, the Norwegian Homebuilders Association have been involved in the development of open international standards in the field of BIM for many years now.

Their research has found that new technology and new tools are making it possible to introduce better ways of working. Subsequently their aim is to place the members of the association in a position to implement these new technologies and tools. However, they believe that their largest challenge is in how each individual member company is able to alter their own business processes.

Take a look at the manual in it’s entirety here: Norwegian Home Builders Association – BIM-manual 1.0