Who’s Doing What? – The Design & Modeling Matrix

Following on from my recent blog post about the latest release of BIMForum’s LOD Spec which defines what it is that you’re designing and the LOD of the model, I have come across 2 recently released documents which further aid consultants in setting out who does what and at what stage of the project û as well incorporating the LOD at these different stages.

The US Army Corp of Engineers æBIM Minimum Modeling Matrix’ enables a project-specific plan to be developed with input from the client. The æScope-LOD-Grade’ worksheet allows you to modify æProject Scope’ columns based on what elements are included in that scope. Furthermore you can define at which LOD they will be delivered, the way in which this information will be exchanged and who they will be delivered by.

Similarly, the Royal Institute of British Architects have recently released their æPlan of Work’ document which contains a æDesign Responsibility Matrix’ that allows you to consider the roles that are required at each stage of a project and who is best placed to undertake them, along with the core decisions on how and when each team will be engaged through the 7 project phases (1. Preparation and brief, 2. Concept design, 3. Developed Design, 4. Technical Design, 5. Construction, 6. Handover and Close Out, 7. In Use).

Both documents are simple and adaptable that once completed provide you with clear information that is presented in a way that all teams within the project can comprehend. From a consultants perspective these tools are useful to define what you are offering when you do a fee quotation. Additionally, from a project level, they’re extremely useful to manage the teams that are involved at the project at different times and project phases and for different deliverables.

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